Catching Up!

My goodness, I’m embarrassed by how neglected this blog is. It’s all my fault, of course. I have a ton of things to talk about but so much is happening that I decided to just live life instead of staying put to write about the past. But I am still striving to record my adventures from 2015 as planned. And now, I have the 2016 travels in the back burner. Please bear with me.

Before I go back to reminiscing, I thought I’d better keep myself grounded by recapping on the most recent events.

mom1.PNGI am continually blessed with and grateful for my Mom’s improving health now as compared to the past couple of years. She had major asthma attacks in 2015 and 2016 that scared the life out of me. Thank God for making her a tough cookie! She made it through and got a better prescription. She barely has allergies now, and we get to go out most weekends where we just laugh at each other while food trippin’. I took a break from hiking and frequent traveling, so I get to spend time with family. As exciting and self-fulfilling it was to reach summits and go to different parts of Luzon every other weekend, I am not going to neglect my other priorities such as family, financial stability, health and professional goals. Keeping every aspect of my life in perfect balance is near impossible but I will keep on trying.

No automatic alt text available.So, here I am after 11 months away from the mountains. I certainly feel the struggle of staying still, but I get by with a few trips to the beach every few months alternated with some fun runs. It also helps that I have calming hobbies to fall back on. I rediscovered my love for sending and collecting postcards. Do check out Postcrossing if you like snail mail from around the world.

You can laugh, but I also got myself some plants (cacti that barely need my attention) to “take care” of since I can’t have cats or dogs in the house.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingI’d talk about running, but that’s not really a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. 😀

Another activity that I plan to keep doing for as long as possible is volunteering. I am lucky to have met the right people who taught me a great deal. I got invited to attend the Youth Inclusion Network event, where we get to connect with like-minded people, who advocates the inclusion of less fortunate youths to the corporate world and help them make a decent living just like anybody else who earned a college degree.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, playing a musical instrument, guitar and indoorA couple of years ago, I bought a guitar that I named Teddy. I have always been into music, but this time I thought I’d better learn a few songs I can play. My brothers and I grew up with Dad always strumming his guitar while we sing The Beatles or James Taylor or Apo Hiking Society from a song book.

Very recently I started learning calligraphy. I am into brush calligraphy using watercolor at the moment. Maybe when I get good at it, I’ll incorporate it into my postcards. I’ll try to blog about all my little hobbies soon. *fingers crossed

Image may contain: 8 people, people smilingAs for my career, I just got promoted at the beginning of this year. Yay! I have been working on this for the longest time. I am so thankful that my efforts are noticed. When I first started this job, some people have been skeptical of whether it will be wise to stay for more than a year. Although I see the potential of it being a good source of income and a fulfilling job, they have been so vocal about the cons that I finally believed it and left the company. But God has plans and He taught me a great skill while I was away and then made me go back. That happened in 2012, and years later I am supervising what I call a dream team. I am so proud to have found the right people. I did the interview with most of them when they were applicants, and it feels great to know that I have a pretty good instinct when in comes to screening candidates for a job. The downside is that I don’t get to write articles anymore. I am not planning on being an acclaimed writer but I do feel like I should be writing regularly. I started accepting writing jobs on the side, with an occasional thesis proofreading. Currently, a few friends and I have a project with Jon and Kach of Two Monkeys Travel, of which I should be writing now instead of blabbering on here. 😀

Anyway, I think I am all caught up! In the coming months, I have a few trips with high school buddies, a concert to watch with office friends, and a couple of albums to listen to from my favorite artists. Life is wonderful! ❤



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