Wrong & True

Brunette woman with long hair holding dream catcher in her hands

She loved you.
You’re hardly her first, neither will you be the last,
But oh, how she loved you.
And she still remembers the moment she knew:
Realizing how things are all out of place,
Like two pieces from different puzzles
That she tried so hard to fit together
She’s willful and hopeful. She’s in love.

She felt stupid for falling.
Falling and stumbling, red-faced,
ashamed to look anyone in the eye.
This love isn’t the kind to be proud of.
She hears her past laughing, mocking.
And the eyes she can’t bear to look at is in the mirror.

She’s learned long before you,
that a love like that can only be right when let go.
You’re two pieces from different puzzles
Her curves fit your hard edges and dark hollows,
but the picture you two make will never make sense.

Please don’t tell her what you felt was true,
It’s a knowledge her conscience would rather not hear.
She is not proud to have caught your eye,
but she is proud to see her love shine brighter
the moment she turned her back on you.

If only you knew
She was fighting herself, too.


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