Date a Girl Who Writes …and Manages Business Profile Pages

writeDrafted while on a boring jeepney ride to the office…

Some may think that writing, creating and managing Business Profile Pages is a piece of cake for good writers. Some sees it as an ideal work experience for fresh graduates. Others may not even know what kind of job it is. One thing’s for sure: it is an adventure to date a girl who writes BPPs. 😛

Date a girl who writes BPPs because she is everything dating a girl who writes is like… and more! She will understand your failures and rejoice in your triumphs. She will support you on a sudden need to change careers, because she knows that writing business profiles may not be forever. Both of you will be ready and free to take on new plans when necessary. She will only make sure that you enjoy your workplace while you’re in it, the same way she feels for her own.

All the same, she will congratulate you on staying in the same company for years, because she would have done so if that’s what makes her happy. She will respect your choices and your commitment to improving yourself and your craft, even if other people sees it as a waste of your talent. You will be proud of her accomplishments, as she journeys to becoming an EVO expert, a reviewer, a Quality Analyst, a Subject Matter Expert or simply completing her quota before the clock strikes four in the afternoon. She knows that only she can judge what is worthy of her professional skills.

Date a girl who writes BPPs because she is honest to herself and promises to be the same with you. She believes in transparency, from reviews and score sheets to disputing what she feels wrong and unjust.

There is never a dull moment when dating a girl who writes BPPs because work is not the center of her every day. As much as she enjoys her job, her full attention is yours the moment she steps out of her desk — maybe she’d even be able to talk to you on Skype while in the middle of working on her Overview. You can whisk her away to the beach on long weekends or a simple dinner on weeknights and not worry about work spoiling your time together. But that does not mean she’s not focused on her job. It only proves how multitasking is a constant part of her life, with incomplete worksheets, missing images, wrong URLs, complicated SEO and confusing best practices as her constant companions and adversaries.

Dating a girl who writes BPPs means letting her rant about the most mundane details of American/Canadian small businesses. You will learn about random things, from plumbing repairs, kitchen restoration and bathroom fixtures to doctors, lawyers and psychics. If you are lucky, these tidbits of knowledge will come handy throughout your life together. Er, you be the judge on the need for a psychic.

Dating her means being careful of your SMS and Skype messages. She hates wrong grammar and is easily peeved at run-on sentences, but cares for you enough to show you by example how to use “your” and “you’re”, and ignoring a missing hyphen every once in a while.

You should expect her to have office crushes, and if you’re a good sport, she’ll tell you about him.

Date a girl who writes BPPs because you know she’s seeing you for the most genuine of reasons. One look at her together with her teammates, and you’ll know she won’t waste her time on someone she can’t be proud to be seen with. They trust her judgement and will welcome you like you’ve always been part of the group. However, they are also generous of their opinions, you will probably not survive the criticism if there is something you did to justify it. Break her heart, and they WILL find something to justify it. She knows you are not perfect, and that neither is she, but she values you just the way you are. Rest assured that she’s excited to show you off to office mates who are like brothers and sisters to her.

Want to know more? Only half of the above statements are true for most BPP writers in the world, however, you will experience ALL these if you are dating a girl from my team. It is what “sets us apart”. As a bonus, date a girl from my team because she is friends with equally great guys you’ll definitely get along with. 😛


P.S.I have opposing opinions on articles detailing how wonderful it is to date a girl who writes, reads, teaches, etc. I liked the first one, maybe because I write, or read, or whichever article came out first (not to mention it was really well-written). It made me feel good about myself and I felt validated on my passion for the written word. After that, a few more similar posts followed and I thought, “OK, they need validation, too.” Which is cool, and I totally enjoyed those, too.

Then I read them again. Still entertaining, but I recognized the indirect boast, and maybe a certain need to make a guy understand your quirks better. So they will not be intimidated, perhaps?, to approach you. Kinda like those other articles about “how to be friends with an introvert”, which is another topic for future posts.

I guess that’s why I’ve thought of writing the above entry. Anyone who loves what they do can enumerate the good things about it, about themselves while they are at it. Or, maybe I’m just really bored and sleepy at the time and thought to make fun of my job and teammates, both I dearly love. 😉


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