How to Dream Big While Keeping Yourself Grounded

dreamsI am probably one of millions of people in their 20s whose life revolves around a corporate job and salary; family and home bills; and friends and mini reunions. It’s confusing, right? Those magazine articles I used to ignore about maintaining a work-life balance is definitely no joke. I bet you feel like your week should have 8 to 10 days — all added to the weekend. 😉 Throw in your plans to get a place of your own, dreams of traveling, or saving money for the future, and you’ll find yourself pressured by time running fast.

Sometimes, I envy acquaintances who only have their selves to support. It must be easier for them to go traipsing around the country for the weekend, or staying out late on a Friday night to meet friends they hadn’t seen for a while. But then again, they will never understand the peace of mind I feel after paying for the house rent, Internet subscription, electricity and/or water bills; or feel the glow of pride that my Mom can’t contain at seeing me so focused on achieving my dreams in spite of my responsibilities.

As dreams and goals go, mine will seem impossible to anyone who’d hear it. Honestly, it seemed impossible to me, too, a few years ago. I don’t know how, where or when, but I found out that aspiring for something big, WITH GOOD INTENTIONS, can only lead to self-fulfillment whether you achieve it or not. Given the humble roots I came from, if I didn’t aim higher than was expected of me… well, I don’t know where I’ll be today. Faith and perseverance ALWAYS pay off!

Having said that, people may say I’m too ambitious, or that I go around aiming for things just because I know I can. The thing is, when you know your capabilities, you will learn to be careful when setting important goals, otherwise, you will end up wasting time going for something that you can live without. It’s like waking up when your 60, renting an apartment that can accommodate hundreds of pairs of high heels.

I am still YEARS of hard work away from getting a place of my own and setting up a business. To avoid disappointments, I have to be rational that turn of events might not go the way I want it to. It helps not to plot everything right away so you’ll have enough room to maneuver when unforeseen factors arise. But if I can keep my focus and trust in God and His will — anything is possible.

OK, I’m done preaching. 😀


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